Bourgeons de Cassis - Luxury Soy Wax Fondant

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Bourgeons de Cassis Luxury Soy Candle Melts

Pure blackcurrant goodness with hints of fruity blueberry seed oil erupt into a sensational symphony of aromatic delights. Presented with 3 luxury candle melts in a clear pouch finished with lovely Denny & Collingwood London ribbon. Fragrance burn time up to 30 hours per melt.

The Denny & Collingwood range of handcrafted luxury candle melts are handmade from the highest quality soy wax and use only the very finest natural fragrances and essential oils from Grasse, France, as well as selected specialised independent producers. Our beautiful fragrances will harmonise and balance body and mind, filling your home with beautiful, indulgent aromas.

Denny & Collingwood luxury soy wax candle melts are designed for use in specially designed candle melt warmers. Remove the candle melt from the protective pouch and pop the melt into the top well of your warmer, and then place one of our Natural Soy Wax Tealight candles underneath. The tea light will warm the wax above creating an instant fragrance. We recommend trimming the tea light candle wicks to around 5mm before each use, burning for an hour or so each session and never burning for more than 4 hours at a time, allowing at least 2 hours for cooling down. Do not mix with water and keep clear of drafts and flammable objects. Ceramic candle melt warmers get hot with use, please handle with caution. Handmade in France.

Size: 2.5cm H x 4.0cm D. Please note that all Denny & Collingwood Luxury Candle Melts are handcrafted and individually poured by hand, and sizes and burn times may vary slightly.