Natural Blue Volcanic Clay Mask - Spa Collection

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Natural Blue Volcanic Clay Mask - Spa Collection

Argile Bleue Volcanic Clay is rich in beneficial minerals and one of the rarest clays available today. Derived from Australian volcanic ash, natural blue montmorillonite clay is a highly effective cleanser and conditioner, particularly suited to sensitive and delicate oily, acne prone skins.

Preparation: To make your clay mask, place the desired amount of clay powder into a glass container or wooden or ceramic bowl (non metallic), 6 heaped spoonfuls of the mask spatula scoop provided should be enough for one complete facial mask. Mix with mineral water or purified water using an equal amount to start with, and let it stand for about 20 minutes, then stir with the spatula scoop until a smooth paste is created. For added cleansing and pore refining, blend wiith French Rose & Cassis Organic Toning Mist in place of water.

Application: Apply the paste with a clean mask application brush in a thin layer of clay on the neck and face, avoiding eyes and lips. Try to avoid using your fingers as these may contaminate the face. Leave on for 10 to 12 minutes without letting the mask fully dry on the skin. Rinse gently with warm water, dry the skin with a clean cotton towel.

For best results, natural clay facial masks should only be used about once a week, though trouble spots can be treated daily. Blue Volcanic Clay is also suitable for use as a body wrap, and adding half a cup of clay to a deep warm bath will help soften your skin and invigorate the system.       

Natural clay is renowned for its purity and exceptional healing properties. Denny & Collingwood Facial Clay cleanses and revitalises the skin, drawing impurities from the skin's pores for a natural radiant beauty. No animal products or testing. Handmade in Australia.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Blue Volcanic Clay.

Size: 50 G / 1.76 OZ